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The Oxfordshire Transformation Programme's purpose is to develop plans for the next generation of integrated GP, community and hospital services. Its aims are to:

  • provide innovative ways of delivering outcomes for a society that lives longer and expects more 
  • maximise the value of Oxfordshire’s health and social care spend 
  • find ways to become better at preventing and managing demand
  • help people to take greater responsibility for their own health and prevent avoidable disease

The programme board and the Transformation team are working on a plan that will be the Oxfordshire contribution to an over-arching five year plan (called a Sustainability and Transformation Plan) across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and West Berkshire, to address these aims and make proposals for the type of transformational service change that is required. 

The Oxfordshire Transformation Board has two Lay Representatives as members – the Executive Director of Healthwatch Oxfordshire and a Lay Chair of one of OCCG’s Public Locality Forums. Their role is to:

  • Provide views and feedback on what matters most to patients and the public about future configurations of services
  • Work with the board and senior leaders to ensure the experiences and views of patients, carers and the public are considered in the development of ideas and proposals for the transformation of Oxfordshire health and care services 
  • Review and provide feedback on proposals to engage with and consult with patients, carers, the public and stakeholders
  • Review and provide feedback on the development of associated public facing information, specifically consultation materials 
  • Provide views on the appropriate and proportionate engagement of key stakeholders and patients in assessing the available options and that the options are shaped by patient and public engagement